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Introducing Internet Marketing Geeks, Our Sister Company for Small & Solo Firms

At Black Fin, our primary goal is to be best in the world at producing a fast ROI for our clients. However, we’ve come to realize that some of the attorneys who visit our site each month can’t afford our services. Most of these prospects are great people – normally solo attorneys who are looking to build their firms – who just don’t have the marketing budget for us to generate good results. 

The more we thought about what we do for clients and how we can help these attorneys, the more we felt that we could teach them and/or their staff what we do in larger markets to help them win in smaller markets.

We looked at the SEO trainings currently on the market, and quickly noticed the problem. They are all focused on “How” SEO and Google works – not on the practical “What” you need to do to actually be successful. While the “Why” might be useful for someone looking to make a career out of SEO, it isn’t practical for a business owner only learning SEO for the practical purpose of generating more leads. 

When you cut out the theory, the debates, and the technicalities, it’s actually not that hard to rank your own site if you’re in a smaller market. You just need help with the “What,” which is what this training explains, step-by-step.

The platform is called Internet Marketing Geeks, and these are the core features:

  1. Our SEO Training Program. This includes: processes, videos, tools, and tactics on how to win.  
  2. The Geek Report, our monthly newsletter. We make sure you stay ahead of the curve and on the cutting edge of the algorithm.
  3. Live Chat and Email Support. If you have any questions while going through the training, SEO vets will be standing by throughout the week to provide direction.
  4. A La Carte Services. Just because you would be handling the majority of the work yourself doesn’t mean that you might not need help from time to time. Whether that be with writing content, making adjustments to the backend of your site, or completing SEO tasks, our individualized services will allow you to get help when you need it.

What’s included in the training?

Everything you need to know to rank a law firm website, including:

  • Tools of the Trade
  • Link Building 
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Content Best Practices
  • Maps Optimization
  • Getting Reviews
  • Directory Listings
  • Local Outreach

We’re doing this because we want to see as many firms as possible succeed online. We all know the Internet is the future, and the future is now. Oftentimes, we just need to be pointed in the right direction to succeed.

If this sounds like it would be of interest to you, please sign up for our law firm SEO training program at our sister website, Internet Marketing Geeks. This program was 100% developed by the SEO experts here at Black Fin.

Thank you,

Gerrid Smith

Client Review


"I cannot be happier with Gerrid Smith and Black Fin, and highly recommend their services."

- Seth Gladstein, Gladstein Law Firm