Beyond Attorney Branding: Establishing Yourself as an Authority in Your Practice Area

By Lisa


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Especially in big cities and crowded markets, it is simply not enough to offer your clients good legal services and the same old spiel about justice and rights. Watch as your ideal client’s eyes glaze over as they watch yet another commercial or Internet video that starts with, If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident…

So, if being good at your job isn’t good enough, and if the same old attorney marketing tricks aren’t good enough, what is?

Here’s a hint: You have to listen to what your ideal clients really want.

And what do they want?

They want the best. They want the attorney that the other attorneys look up to. They want the attorney that gets interviewed on television when a big case comes up. They want the attorney whose name is synonymous with his or her practice area.

Put plainly, they want an attorney with real authority.

The Next Level of Legal Marketing is Being Seen As An ExpertBe the Authority

You might think that becoming an authority in your practice area only happens over time and with decades of hard work. However, there are a number of actions you can take now to help you and your law office move to the next level. While firms around the country are throwing money at pay-per-click ads and billboards (both of which work fine), they are forgetting about other aspects of attorney marketing that have a bigger impact on how the community actually sees them.

The path to becoming an attorney with authority can be helped by:

  • Pushing your press releases. Whenever there is a newsworthy event related to one of your practice areas, or whenever you accomplish something notable, write a press release about the event. Sharing your expert opinion on the legal aspects of current events can help connect you with the local media. Publishing the press releases online can also help boost your firm and website.
  • Putting your face on your website. Far too many attorneys make the mistake of promoting their law firm, but not themselves. To become an authority, you want to be recognizable and approachable. While this doesn’t mean you should plaster yourself all over your marketing materials, it does mean that you should make certain that your audience gets to know you, and not just your firm, when they visit your website. Consider making a series of educational attorney videos for the web so that your users will get to know you as someone who answers legal questions. It will also help them identify with you if they can see your face and hear you speak about your firm, experience, and various areas of practice.
  • Dedicating yourself to blogging. A large part of establishing yourself as an authority means establishing yourself as someone with an informed and intelligent opinion. Blogging about current events, recent cases, and other legal matters shows your audience your knowledge and experience. It also humanizes you.
  • Getting involved in the community. Do you know what’s better than being a face on a billboard? Being a real, live person at a charitable event or the big game. Old fashioned networking is extremely effective. It’s even better if your community involvement is tangentially related to your practice area. For example, if you practice personal injury law, you could become active in fighting drunk driving in your community.
  • Listing yourself on This is a great website for people who are experts in certain areas and who are willing to speak to the press as an source. There is perhaps no better way of establishing yourself as an authority than to be used as a source in a news story. Developing a relationship with even one local reporter can be great free exposure in the press.

Don’t Settle for the Same Attorney Marketing Plan as the Competition

At Black Fin, we understand that the same old attorney marketing plan isn’t enough anymore. Our big-picture strategies focus on who you are and what you want to accomplish in the long-term, not just on getting any client or any case. If you are interested in what we can do for you, or if you are interested in taking your first step toward establishing yourself as an authority in your practice area, we can start helping you today. Call 888-810-3163 or fill out our contact form to meet our team.

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