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What is Majestic SEO?

Majestic SEO is an SEO tool which contains key metrics such as Trust Flow, Topical Trust Flow, and Citation Flow. This tool allows you to monitor your backlinks or spy on your competitors.

Why it’s important:

If a competitor attacks your website with negative SEO or if you’re possibly going to receive a Penguin penalty; Majestic SEO can help respond to or prevent these occurrences. Evaluating the quality and quantity of your backlinks will also help determine the best course of action for your SEO campaign.

Starting Your Advanced Backlinks Audit on

Start out by doing a search.

If you’re on a free account, you won’t be able to see the Topical Trust Flow. Will be able to see the trust flow and citation flow. Compare how things have been going since the first time we looked at citation flow and trust flow in the earlier models. In this module, we’ll be getting a little more advanced.

Topical trust flow – what Majestic believes your website is about. Just make sure Majestic has an understanding of the primary purpose of your site and what your business does.

Take a look at the trust flow and citation flow data since the last time we looked at it. Do you see a huge increase or decrease anywhere? Do you see major spikes? Do the same thing with referring domains. If there is a huge increase, look for spam. If there’s a huge decrease, perhaps one of the websites that you had links with no longer exists.

Check your backlink breakdown lower on the page. Make sure that you do not have too many redirects. If you had a page that was “car injuries” and you changed that to “car accidents,” anybody linking to “car injuries” would now get redirected to “car accidents.” You should make it a point to ask your contacts at the sites that still link to “car injuries” to make the change to “car accidents” as it will help both parties involved. After a certain amount of redirects, your page will no longer become viewable from redirection.

When it comes to your backlinks, make sure to work on getting quality “follow” links. For “NoFollow” links, you really don’t want them being over a third of the total backlinks you have.

Similarly, for backlinks that have been deleted vs. live at the last crawl, you want to make sure that your backlinks aren’t being deleted at a large rate. If over 25 percent of your backlinks have been deleted since the last crawl, you might want to investigate further into what is happening.

For anchor text, you want to make sure your naked anchor text and branded anchor text are the most prevalent in your top 10 results.

You will not be able to see the “Topics” tab in the free version. This section goes over every topic that would be covered in your trust flow.

For the referring domains, you will only be able to see the top 10 results in the free version. You’ll want to take note of the top 10 results here. Look to see if there are a lot of directories. Look to see if there are websites you don’t own. Make sure that websites with your backlinks are not spammy.

You can sort these backlinks by a variety of metrics using the filters at the top of the page. Move between these filters. Using these filters, you’ll want to look at the trust flow websites linking to your website (both in ascending and descending fashion). When descending, what kind of links do you have in your top 10? If you see a lot of directories in your top results, try to focus on getting backlinks from better websites.

For Anchor Text, you’ll only be able to see your top 10 results, and you won’t have any filtering options to see more. Take note of the kind of anchor text you have. In the free version, you won’t be able to see much more than this.

By using Majestic, you’ll be able to plan out your future SEO endeavors.

Getting Geeky – Advanced Tip:

  • The filters to look at your backlinks in a more in-depth manner are available on the free version as well as the paid version.
  • Links from local businesses are going to be very good for you if your business and website focus on a small community, sometimes better than links from large established websites.

Common Mistakes

Having too many directories in your referring domains is not a great practice. Make sure the websites that compose your referring domains are mostly websites that are either relevant when it comes to subject matter or sites that have good standing with Google and other search engines.

Additional Notes

Remember the following:

  • Monitor your metrics
  • Trust flow
  • Citation Flow
  • Backlink count
  • Anchor Text profile
  • Live/Deleted
  • Referring Domains

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