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You know the importance of content marketing. It is what gets your name out there and establishes your brand – you know all of that. Yet, you still fail to leverage the power of such a simple tool. Why? Because you assume that your industry – the legal industry – is too boring.

Unfortunately, those who look at an industry as “boring” are just not seeing the potential. They cannot look outside of the box and realize that there is a reader for every type of industry – even the so-called “snooze-worthy” ones.

You Are Going About It All Wrong

A great content writer never looks at an industry or topic as boring; instead, they consider the type of content your industry wants – and they create that content. There are ways to spin any “boring” topic into something fun.

There is a way to create content for even the most boring industries – and it does not require anything remarkable except maybe a talented writer. It is thinking past SEO by filling up your content pages and instead, focusing on how you can reach out and grab the attention of your target audience. As long as you know who reads your content, how they will share it, and who may even link up to it, you are already headed in the right direction.

Boring Industries Have Bigger Opportunities

Sure, some industries out there seem to have it easy – interior remodeling, food, and even retail. When you get into areas like law, you may hit a wall. If you look at the competition in this industry, you may notice that some of your competitors have given up. They don’t have content marketing, they do not blog regularly (or at all), and they certainly have nothing to offer social media.

As part of that industry, you know it is competitive. While you are competing for better services, do not forget that you also have an opportunity to compete digitally via content marketing – and that is an opportunity that builds your brand on a national scale. Boring industries such as law may not be flashy to write about, but it fills a need that everyday consumers have.

Bottom line, those boring industries have people actually looking for them and they have more opportunities than the industries highlighted by pop culture.

Solve the Issues Your Customers Have

Your industry is thriving for a reason – you fill a need for your customers. Use that to your advantage when you create your content. Give your visitors valuable resources that they can use to educate themselves about important issues, solve problems, and give them something to walk away with.

For example, as a family law attorney, you have readers constantly seeking information regarding their divorce, custody battle, and prenuptial agreement. Educate your potential clients on things like:

  • Local statutes
  • Law changes
  • How to correctly deal with their situations
  • Tips for starting their case
  • What they can expect during their case
  • What they can expect from you

By using technical steps, guides, and blogs that highlight the issues, you can connect with your audience.

Providing insight isn’t enough though; you still need to be interesting. When you are creating content, remember to:

  • Keep it professional, yet conversational – no need to come off like a boring literature professor.
  • Be cheerful in your writing – readers will notice.
  • Take into account the type of person reading your content, and then tailor your tone and wording to them. Using the same law firm example above, you should be understanding, compassionate, and avoid using too much legal jargon that average readers wouldn’t understand.

Take “Boring” Out of the Equation – Hire People That Get Your Industry

Sometimes it isn’t your industry; it is the people you’ve hired to write for it. The clients at Black Fin don’t just get 100 percent unique content – they get content that is engaging and informative.

Our writers are artful and take their readers into consideration. We listen to your content marketing goals and make them our own. Pair our expert content writing services with our SEO, and you have a combination that will take your business to the top.

Learn more about our content writing services by calling us at 888-810-3163 or fill out an online contact form.

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