Twitter is Invaluable to a Law Firm when it is used Correctly, Strategically, and Intelligently

By Lisa


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Let’s get one thing straight. Twitter is not just another social media platform that you should blindly post to a certain number of times per week. Twitter has an astounding 288 million monthly users who post 500 million tweets per day. Used correctly, strategically, and intelligently, Twitter can help you network, establish yourself as an authority in your practice area, and ultimately get more ideal clients walking through your law office doors. Used incorrectly, Twitter is nothing more than a waste of your time and your marketing dollars.

Here are the keys you need to succeed:

  1. Plug into your industry and your community. Start your Twitter journey by following everyone important in your industry and community, including local courts, government agencies, all local news outlets, and even the competition. Also, follow any past clients that you can find so you can stay connected with them.
  2. Curate awesome content. If you want users to value your content, tweet only the best news, information, and tidbits. Choose respected sources, original content, and engaging material. If you consistently share great content, more followers will be attracted to your feed and share your tweets.
  3. Engage with other users. One of the biggest mistakes we see when attorneys use Twitter is that they only post messages about themselves and their firm. However, the real power of Twitter lies in engagement and interaction. Respond to people tweeting about you. Retweet the most important tweets related to your practice areas. Make human connections.
  4. Establish yourself as an authority in your practice area. Twitter is your opportunity to voice your opinion, show off your knowledge, and associate with the top authorities in your field. Don’t hesitate to take an authoritative role on Twitter and illustrate your expertise and skill.
  5. Drive traffic to your website and other content. You aren’t harnessing the full power of Twitter if you aren’t linking back to all of the high-quality content you are producing outside of Twitter. Be sure to share blog posts, videos, and any other material you are producing. Don’t just link to these pieces of content. Instead, pair it with a short teaser, such as a thought-provoking question.
  6. Show your human side. Would you rather be represented by a faceless, generic law firm, or by someone you know, like, and trust? Twitter gives you the unique opportunity to get a little personal and to show your personality. Not only can you tweet in a real, authentic voice, you can even throw in a few off-topic posts that show your followers who you are. For example, you might post about a charitable cause that is important to you or your firm, or share that your daughter made her first soccer goal.
  7. Avoid blatant marketing attempts. Twitter should not be used solely for posting calls to action and advertising messages. People don’t use Twitter to read ads, and posting marketing messages won’t get you any real followers. While it is fine to mention your services and free offers periodically, these tweets should not make up the bulk of your messages.
  8. Tweet regularly. Another huge mistake that law firms make is creating a Twitter account, posting for a few days, and then letting their tweets drop off to nothing. If you are going to do something, do it right. Tweet consistently. If you aren’t able to do it, make sure someone in your office is assigned the task or outsource your tweets to a professional social media manager.

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