Moving Beyond Website Traffic and Into Higher Conversion Rates

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Your attorney website traffic is kicking butt. You are getting lots of great clicks from all over the web. Your bounce rate is impressive and your social media marketing campaign is taking off. You are, as far as you can tell, doing everything right when it comes to online attorney marketing. And yet…

You aren’t getting website conversions.

You aren’t getting people to respond to your call to action.

You aren’t getting people’s contact information.

You aren’t getting new clients walking through the door.

Your phone is silent.

What are you doing wrong?

Web Traffic is Great, But Conversions Are the Only Thing That Matter

Here’s the honest truth: No matter how much traffic your law firm website is getting, none of it matters unless that traffic is converting into real people with real legal needs sitting down in the chair across from your desk.

What could be keeping you from a higher conversion rate?

  • You don’t ask the right way. Take a look at your website. How clear is your call to action? Do you have a call to action on every page? Do you give your potential clients a few different ways to act? Keep in mind that calls to action should appear not just on your homepage, but on every single page you create, including articles and blog posts. Also, keep in mind that some people don’t like electronic forms while other people don’t like the phone. Having a variety of ways to connect (phone, email, chat box, free offer) is key to reaching everyone.
  • You don’t prove your claims with results. A user isn’t going to want to contact you unless they believe that you can help them. You must prove that you can help them by offering them solid illustrations of results. There are a number of ways you can do this, and choosing multiple ways is best. Consider posting attorney reviews, law firm awards, client testimonials, and case results (after carefully reading your state’s attorney advertising guidelines).
  • You have a form with too many fields. Multiple marketing studies have found that the fewer questions you ask on your contact form, the more people will take a moment to fill it out and reach out to you. One case study found that adding a short-form contact box to the side of your website can triple your conversions. So, ditch your contact form that asks for every single detail of a potential client’s life, and try to get down to three or four fields maximum.
  • Your offer isn’t different, exciting, or valuable. You might know that you need to be offering something to your users in exchange for their time, information, and interest. But is what you are offering good enough to convert a visitor? Every attorney and their mother offers a free consultation. Consider offering something unique, like a free ebook. One traffic accident attorney found a higher conversion rate by offering potential clients a free emergency car accident kit.
  • You don’t experiment with A/B testing. The only way to absolutely know you are taking steps to improve your conversion rate is through experimentation. A/B split testing can tell you for sure, once and for all, if one strategy is working better than the other. Your conversion rate could change just based on a headline, font, or website color. Find out what web designs work best for you through a few simple tests and slowly improve your conversion rate over time.

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