10 Tips: Optimize Your LinkedIn Page to Increase Your Attorney Authority & Get New Cases

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One mistake I see attorneys making every day is blindly pouring all of their online marketing efforts into their website. Yes, your website is important, but the truth is that your social media profiles and presence can get you a huge number of cases and help establish yourself as an authority in your community.

But only if you use them right.

For lawyers, your LinkedIn profile might be the most important social media site to focus your time and energy. LinkedIn, the most popular social platform for professionals, gets 187 million unique viewers every month and 40% of users check the site every day. More importantly, LinkedIn is one of the first places people turn to online when they are looking for professional help, such as an attorney or law firm.

To reap the benefits of having a LinkedIn page, though, you have to optimize your profile in the same ways that you’ve optimized your website. Many of these SEO tactics are easy, fast, and free, and yet only a handful of lawyers take the time to regularly care for their profile.

Ready to get started? Here are ten quick tips:

  1. Add a professional, current profile picture. It’s simple but true. A professional, warm, welcoming photo increases the chance someone will click on your profile eleven-fold. Stay away from candid shots, unprofessional shots, or shots containing other people. Take the time to have a real photographer take and edit a headshot. If you haven’t had this done in over five years, it’s time to update.
  2. Customize your URL. Connect your URL to your brand by changing a meaningless string of characters into your full name or law firm name. It makes you more recognizable and it makes it easier for your friends and colleagues to find your profile in searches.
  3. Fill out every field possible. The more complete your profile, the better your profile will rank during searches and the better you will look to potential clients. Leave no field unfilled, and watch as your page views increase. This includes fields about your honors, your volunteer work, and even your personal interests.
  4. Spend time crafting your profile summary. Don’t think of your summary as a dry bio or profile. Think of it as an elevator pitch. Try to capture your personality, your passion, and your philosophy in this space, and try to speak to the concerns of your reader instead of bragging. Don’t hesitate to hire a professional writer to help you with this section if you aren’t confident in your own abilities.
  5. Don’t be shy. Make connections. More than anything else, LinkedIn is about networking. Send invitations to colleagues, industry standouts, old clients, friends, family, and anyone you’ve worked with. Connections are actually about quantity, not quality, so network away!
  6. Actively seek out personal recommendations. Potential clients and collaborators love to read glowing reviews from outsiders. In addition, some marketing experts believe that LinkedIn boosts profiles that have more than ten recommendations.
  7. Think about keywords. Is your job title keyword optimized? Consider changing it from something like, “Attorney” to “Atlanta Family Law Attorney,” and see what a difference it makes. Also make sure that your summary section includes naturally occurring keywords.
  8. Be an active member of the community. Cross-post blogs. Write recommendations for other people. Post regular status updates. Comment on other people’s statuses. Endorse others. Realize that it takes multiple posts per month in order to reach all of your connections.
  9. Participate in LinkedIn Groups. Remember that LinkedIn is a social network. You will prosper if you take the time to find groups that are meaningful to your profession and field and if you take the time to talk to others online. LinkedIn is a great way to establish yourself as a knowledgeable, skilled authority, and one way to do this is by sharing your knowledge.
  10. Cross-promote your profile. Once your profile is optimized and looking great, be sure to promote it on other places on the web. Link to it from your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Add LinkedIn buttons to your website. Traffic often begets more traffic.

That doesn’t sound so hard, does it? If you don’t think you have the time to keep up with yet another social media website, consider outsourcing your LinkedIn activity to a social media manager. Or just put aside five minutes each day to drop in to LinkedIn, do some quick networking, and make a meaningful, one-line status update.

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