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It might seem surprising that a sector as ubiquitous as arts and entertainment would need to market itself at all, particularly online. But, just like every other industry that’s needed to develop a solid online presence in the face of the Digital Age, the arts and entertainment industry is no exception.

To stay competitive, you simply have to go digital – especially in the brightest of industries like arts and entertainment.

The Topsy-Turvy World of Online Marketing

Prior to the internet, advertising took a much different shape. Particularly in arts and entertainment, it was possible – even standard – to use print ads and billboards to announce upcoming shows, performances, exhibitions, plays, concerts, screenings, and more. In general, marketing was much more localized, centralized, and uniform before the web.

Now, we have the internet, which allows for the wide distribution of information at lightning-fast speed. With this new virtual world of information and access comes new expectations toward business marketing:

  • Digital content marketing is responsible for not only engaging and holding attention, but also building relationships between entertainer and audience.
  • In order to be heard, arts and entertainment companies need to take advantage of best search engine optimization (SEO) practices before they can ever expect to rise above the crowd.
  • In digital marketing, there are many different parts that work together to make up the whole. Each of these parts are interconnected in ways that traditional advertising methods simply weren't.

Furthermore, consumer expectations have changed drastically. Since the online revolution, consumer behavior shows shortened attention spans, hyper-specific searches, and engagement with businesses across many online platforms – including social sites.

Marketing Has Changed… So What?

Your business may be suffering under a wave of digitization if your company isn’t growing, converting online viewers into clients, retaining clientele, and sustaining growth over the long-term; or if it’s relying too heavily on non-digital advertisement to attract new clientele.

Specifically within the arts and entertainment industry, it’s crucial to have a strong web and social media presence. Here’s why: If potential patrons can’t find your products, events, or services online, they'll find someone else’s.

Still in Doubt?

If you’re still not sure if expanding your digital marketing brand is right for you, take a look at these recent statistics:

  • There are over 6 billion searches submitted on Google alone nearly every day.
  • An estimated 75 percent of search engine users don’t look past the first page of results.
  • Upwards of 90 percent of social media users have used social media platforms to connect with businesses.

Unfortunately, Online Success Can be Short-Lived

Let’s imagine you roll out a great website with effective web design, fill it with user-friendly content, then promote both on your social media pages. You use paid ads effectively, and maybe even opt for email campaigns and event notifications. By all measures, you’re winning the digital marketing game.

Except, you may not win it for long.

Even once you rank high in search engine results, you can still lose that ranking – and fast. Here’s why:

  • The arts and entertainment industry is competitive. Digital marketing is competitive. Adding both together means promoting your company online is doubly competitive. So, to rise above the competition, you must find ways to reinvent your brand and distinguish yourself online.
  • Playing by all the SEO rules isn’t enough, since these rules are always changing. While evolving search engine algorithms are great for promoting the best content, it’s easy for companies to fall behind and suffer penalties.
  • Above all, your website and social media pages should convey your services and events, engage with viewers and followers, and offer relevant information. If they don’t do that, you’ll have a very hard time achieving digital marketing success.

That’s Where We Come in

As a full-service digital marketing firm, we at Black Fin have developed the most comprehensive online marketing plan that combines leading industry techniques in web design and branding, digital content, social media outreach, and paid advertising.

Because 100 percent of our focus is dedicated to web marketing, you can be sure that we’re always up-to-date on trends, changes, and innovations.

Our marketing model is borne from years of experience and research. We’ve developed a marketing plan that always prioritizes SEO in every area of your branding. Because we truly believe that an aggressive, SEO-driven strategy is the best way to promote your arts and entertainment company’s web presence, that’s exactly what we give all our clients.

A Closer Look at Our SEO-Inspired Marketing Plan

How exactly do we achieve comprehensive digital marketing promotion when the focus is always on SEO? Of course, SEO isn’t our only priority, but it’s the top priority. Other marketers tend to focus solely on SEO, leaving all other areas weak and under-developed. Or, they ignore SEO altogether, leaving their clients with websites that fail to break the rankings barrier.

We’ve managed to combine standard digital marketing practices – that is, strong web design, expertly informative content, consistent and engaging social media management, and effective paid advertising campaigns – with SEO best practices to ensure that every part of your marketing plan is working to promote your company online.

SEO-Centered Web Design

Your company’s website may be the first online impression you’re sending out to the world, perhaps only second after a performance or event. Even if you have a strong fan base that would know your professional work apart from your website, it’s still crucial that your web design not only reflects your personality and art, but also your brand.

Web design should always be fast, sleek, easy-to-navigate and, most importantly, relevant to what online audiences are looking for.

Because internet users are presented with more information at their fingertips than ever before, it’s vital that your website do your business – that is, your art – justice by presenting modern design features to convey your style while distinguishing you from any competition.

To learn more about how we assist our clients with web design and branding, click here.

SEO-Focused Content That Promotes Your Business

Beyond simply web design, content helps take your online user experience to the next level – when it’s done well, of course.

Web content serves two primary purposes for your website:

  • First, to provide information about the world of art and entertainment, and
  • Second, to provide information about your art and entertainment services, and why you’re the best.

While good content can win over audiences and create loyal followers, poor content can accomplish just as much in the opposite direction. Many marketers try to “beat the system” by stuffing keywords into their web pages and blog articles to appease search engine requirements, while still others create duplicate content or give inaccurate and misleading information. Obviously, these are all egregious mistakes that will land your rankings in hot water.

For this reason, it’s best to stick with professional services when creating your content to ensure your website’s success. Learn more about how we write for conversions here.

Social Media Management

Particularly in the arts and entertainment industry, engagement with fans, audiences, and other performers is crucial for conversion and retention. One of the best ways to demonstrate a strong web presence is by actively managing social media platforms that promote your brand and website.

These days, more and more companies are using social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) to communicate with users and stay engaged. Not only do these offer an additional layer of advertising, but they also help to humanize your image and keep you relevant to your target audience.

If you would like to learn more about how Black Fin leverages social media platforms to push client branding and encourage conversion, check it out here.

SEO-Backed Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads

Another integral part of any complete digital marketing plan is paid advertising, usually in the form of pay-per-click ads. While including this marketing maneuver in your plan may not work for every business, it certainly has its merits for many businesses among many target demographics.

If you’re curious about whether PPC ads should be included in your plan, we’ll look at your existing analytics to determine when and where they’d be most effective. Once we have a specific PPC strategy in place, we create expert ad copy that reflects your style, services, and target ad audience. After launching the PPC ads, we’ll continue to look at the data to determine whether they’re working as effectively as they should.

Ready to Partner with Black Fin and Strengthen Your Arts and Entertainment Business’s Web Presence?

No matter where you are with your digital marketing plan, we’re here to help. We consist of a team of dedicated professionals who work with a variety of clients to develop only the best web designs, content, social media presence, and paid advertising tactics.

Don’t just take our word for it – take our clients’ word for it, too.

If you’re ready to receive the very best online marketing services money can buy, look no further than Black Fin. We’re all about developing and promoting brands, driving marketing goals, and converting viewers into clients. If that’s what your company is ready for, start working with us today.

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